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AFL is a special programming language used to define and create custom indicators, scans, explorations, back-tests and guru.

Sign up and Cesar will contact you to set up a phone call to discuss your current knowledge of AmiBroker, what you looking to get out of the course, what data source you are using and any particular areas that you want covered.Programming Training Seminars in Baltimore, MD Offering 265 Programming training courses in Baltimore from 3 training providers including Hands On Technology Transfer.

I highly recommend this course to all levels as with somethings in life you just need to start from the beginning regardless how knowledgeable we think we are.AmiBroker files from classes Code template for backtests and explorations One and one access to Cesar to ask any questions you may have A strategy that has a CAGR of more than 20% since 2004, which you will program from scratch.

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. the chinese recently spoke about - American English "language coach/teacher" American English "language coach/teacher" -- 2 - American English...Python and R Programming language to implement end to end fully Automated Trading. (Amibroker Programming Language).

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I am glad though to answer any questions you have on areas I do not cover.

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You can get a full refund at anytime before receiving the fourth class.Introduction to AmiBroker Programming,Learning how to program in AmiBroker can save you hundreds of hours and make you a more profitable trader.

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I assume you have no programming experience in AmiBroker or any other platform.

I may hold positions for myself or clients in the securities or industries mentioned here.Thanks for being so mindful in covering each and every step so that even a beginner with zero experience can get so much from the course.We will code from beginning to end a strategy with a compounded return of more than 20% from 2004 to 2013.Hello, I searched the Web and these forums but was unable to find the answer.I want to get the lowest closing price of previous 20 days and also highest closing price of preceding 20 days using Amibroker Programming Language.

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Sales Page:. we will introduce the AFL scripting language and the tools for creating and running your first script.The course is designed for those that want learn to use AmiBroker to test their trading ideas but who have very little or no programming experience in AmiBroker.

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See the full lesson and more Amibroker lessons here:. the Bollinger Band breakout system is fairly easy to code in Amibroker Formula Language.

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I wanted more than just someone to show me how to click buttons in AmiBroker and write some simple lines of code.Cesar has been programming and backtesting ideas in AmiBroker since 2001.I do not cover all aspects of AmiBroker because it is much too complex of a program to do that.Backtest report - How to read, how to spot red-flags, viewing previous tests How to verify your strategy idea SetOption AmiBroker Functions: Sum, SetPositionSize, RoundLotSize Homework.