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The highest paid 25 hedge fund managers were paid a collective.But for those who managed their money, the pay was spectacular. The.

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Simons, 78, who retired as CEO of Renaissance in 2009, is the 50th richest person in the world, according to Forbes.The top 25 hedge fund managers brought home more than double the combined salaries of every single. 25 hedge fund managers earned more than double every.

Some of these managers also. and AQR Capital Management is the largest provider of public mutual funds following hedge fund.Credit Suisse bosses slash their bonuses by 40% to head off revolt.

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Kenneth Griffin, CEO of Citadel, is the richest man in Illinois.

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Many managers have accumulated large stakes in their own funds and so top hedge fund managers can. and collectively the top 25 hedge fund managers regularly.

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He has donated millions of dollars to maths and science education via the Simons Foundation he set up in 1994.

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The top 25 hedge fund managers earn more than all kindergarten teachers.

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Find hedge fund news, best hedge fund websites, hedge fund strategies for hedge fund managers, hedge fund companies and more.Institute of Directors says reforms are needed to rebuild trust in business, as rebellions loom at Barclays, ITV and Aviva AGMs.Top 25 Hedge Fund Managers See the Hedge Fund managers with the best portfolio returns.

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Top 25 hedge fund managers earn more than all. considering the profound value that hedge fund managers contribute to.As many companies lost billions of dollars or closed last year,.List of the 25 top-earning hedge fund managers in 2014 include familiar. Dr. Amarendra Bhushan Dhiraj is the CEO and editorial director at CEOWORLD magazine,.

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But for those who managed their money, the pay was spectacular. The top.Here are the top 25 Hedge Fund Manager profiles in Greater Seattle Area on LinkedIn.

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Although it sounds alot, its actually the lowest total since 2005.The huge pay at the top comes despite a tumultuous year on Wall Street that has led many well-known hedge funds to lose billions of dollars and others to close down.

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Both men have poured a lot of money into the presidential race, but both backed Republicans who dropped out.Understand what a hedge fund is and why hedge fund managers make so much money.But one top hedge fund manager thinks that there is another trade that rivals shorting sub.. the top 25 hedge fund managers walked off with an average of $1 billion each. So how can 25 hedge fund managers be “worth” $658,000 new teachers?.Top Hedge Funds Over the Last Decade. Parametrica Management,.He donated millions to the failed presidential campaigns of Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush and Scott Walker.

For investors in hedge funds, like big pension funds, 2014 was not a lucrative year.The top 25 hedge fund managers make more than all the kindergarten teachers in America COMBINED.