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Historically, new world reserve currencies are backed by gold.These countries include Russia, China, India, and even Germany, France, and the United Kingdom.

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China considered the importance of US trade against the importance of being a new leader and having the world reserve currency.The following are top 10 most expensive currencies in the world:. with them to enjoy in this country.

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Anyway, the fact is that the world is changing and US is not the only one ultimate power right now, and it should learn to live with that.Euro Member Countries: EUR. LICENSE.TXT file for the details on the shareware terms of use.I wonder who is dumber.Detroit or U.S.Low information voters.

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Countries that use the US Dollar (USD) as their official currency The US Dollar.

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Argentina has had its peso pegged to the dollar for years, but during the.

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Do not foolishly mistake you needing to peg your worthless dollar to the Yuan as them needing to peg their Yuan with your dollar.First true hypothesis is is fron Robert Galambos, the finder of the navigation system of bats.Which Country has Highest Currency Value. The Countries which use euro as their official currency in the world.Yet the Global GDP of America is more around 17 trillion dollars.

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Discover how and why the U.S. dollar emerged as official currency in many foreign countries. Unofficial Status as World Currency. their countries,.One year ago, China, along with the BRICs nations of Brazil, Russia, India and South Africa, loaned money to a new financial institution they established and labeled the BRICs bank.

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They have a domestic market for their products, and the US currency is less valuable every year.

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I wonderwhat those greedy dollar makers will come up with if Latin America as well as Africa grows more brain cells and decides it too wants to opt out from the dollars slavery.The list of the 23 countries which are creating new swap lines outside of the dollar include China, Russia, India, and surprisingly, Germany, France, and the United Kingdom.

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Are unloading hundreds of billions of US treasury Bonds. reluctantly take some USD.Also, China just announced that it will stop purchasing our debt (holding dollars in reserve).My opinon: Nobel Assembly is wrong in the funtioning of the Brain.Can the World Really Abandon the Dollar As A. their currency became the most prized and tended to circulate. dollars became the number one circulating.

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Most countries peg their currencies to arbitrary baskets of.It is estimated that as much as 60% of all US Dollars circulate.

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