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Reply Jean June 17, 2014 I graduated in 1992 with about 16k in student loan debt.This is not right that we have to pay for this when the school was a scam and they are shut down because of it. there has to be a way someone can help us.Wish income tax let me discount all my student loan interest instead of just 2,500 each year.Nick April 7, 2015 Hi Tim, I recently graduated with a MA degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and currently have 124,000 in federal debt.With that being said I signed all the papers, and got registered for school starting Oct 2004.First, only Direct student loans are eligible, and second, only Direct student loans issued on or after October 1st, 2011 are eligible.If you have private student loan debt, then please visit my page about Private Student Loan Debt Relief, or Private Student Loan Debt Forgiveness benefits.Income sensitive payment plans exist for consolidation loans as well and they can be renegotiated.

Critical Reception American society has always pushed higher education as an important step in becoming a respected, productive member of society.I want to become a nurse I think, like you, but when I think about debt I just want to quit college.What will President Trump actually do, and what will happen to the Obama loan forgiveness program in 2017.

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Please do your part to help me out by sharing a link to this site with your friends, family or colleagues.Would I be better off if I can graduate and strart the existing IBR before the new programs kick in.If you are able to reply to my questions, I will look out for your answer Tim.Reply Sharon June 9, 2014 The most ridiculous part of this proposal is the 2007 cut off.If we could just raise taxes on the Rich some more we could easily pay for all these predatory student loans.

ON TOP OF THIS, I am longing to go back to grad school to get my masters and my license as an NP.Other than that, you could also consider looking into opportunities like student loan deferments, which could allow you pause your loans for a time (and which are definitely available for loans from 2002).Good luck Leanne, and please come back to let us all know what you find out.I later went back to school yet again, this time I earned my P.H.D. in Proctology.At this time I am not workibg and having hard times to pay my everyday bills.Introduction of the PAYE Repayment Plan The Pay As You Earn student loan repayment plan is the single-best Federal student loan repayment plan currently available to borrowers.

I would appreciate any information on this important subject.Reply WL July 5, 2014 Many servicers will not work with folks with student loans (Ed Financial and ECMC are the worst).Most people are not as tenacious as I am and I wonder how many have just accepted this misinformation, lost hope, and gone into default.I worked with people with disabilities for 26 years as a super visor somehow that does not count towards a forgiveness loan.Your first call to them is free, and calling them will allow you to get free advice about your specific financial situation, including what options you have available for reducing your monthly payments, applying for forgiveness, or doing other things to reduce your outstanding student loan debt burden.Interest capitalization is the process the banks use to dramatically drive up the long-term costs of loans, by adding the accrued interest to the original principal of the loan, which can end up making a loan significantly more expensive.What is true is that President Obama introduced a new cost-savings program for those with Federal student loan debt that includes both loan forgiveness, as well as a significant reduction in monthly payments.Right now the extra cash amount would be helpful in my husband and my household account, as he is 67.

Department of Education Releases New Public Service Loan. received for Public Service Loan Forgiveness.There must be either 120 or 300 qualifying payments made on eligible loans.Thank you Reply Tim Marshall January 28, 2014 Hi Rafael, Are your student loans federally funded, or were they borrowed from a private lender.

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Student debt can be. you cannot qualify for the Obama student loan forgiveness plan if you have defaulted on your federal student.Act Remember that the Student Loan Forgiveness Act only applies to federal student loans, not private student loans, not private student loans.Since October of 2015 (which marks the official introduction of the REPAYE Repayment Plan), and which you can think of as Obama Loan Forgiveness 2.0, EVERYONE is eligible for the same benefits, regardless of when their loans were taken out, and whether or not they face a Partial Financial Hardship.

Fourth, if a borrower were to pay off their pre-2007 loans before taking out any new federal loans, those newer loans would be eligible for Pay As You Earn.Reply Tim Marshall August 29, 2016 Hi Peanut, You should be able to qualify for 100% forgiveness under the Total and Permanent Disability Discharge Program.President Trump has promised to replace many of the things President Obama did, and unfortunately, the Obama student loan forgiveness program is definitely on the chopping block.

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I am looking to switch to the PAYE program, however as I understand it, only the Direct loans are eligible for the PAYE or REPAYE programs.

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The more people that visit my site, the more time and energy I can dedicate towards building additional resources that will help you save money.For generations, college degree programs have served the population well by providing a major driver of upward mobility that allowed people to move from the very bottom of the earning barrel through the ranks of the middle class and into incredibly lucrative careers.

I guess they liked my money too much to give it to me, the RIGHTFUL recipient.Reply Janice April 27, 2014 How does this loan forgiveness help someone whos school has gone out of business,the owner has admitted to scamming and signing people up for this school and sticks you with having to pay for a loan.

This is a great service providing clarity to people about debt forgiveness smoke and mirrors.Keep in mind though that the old Income-Based Repayment Plan and Income-Contingent Repayment Plans are both also eligible repayment plans for Obama loan forgiveness benefits.You should take a look at the following pages of this site, which fully explain teacher loan forgiveness and teacher loan cancellation: The Perkins Loan Forgiveness Program (Teacher Loan Cancellation) The Stafford Loan Forgiveness Program (Teacher Loan Forgiveness) Reply Jerry V.Each time I talk to whoever it is talking to me, I get different conflicting responses.The student loan debt crisis is real, and programs like these are just one potential solution, but how well will they actually work.I meant to post my question here regarding whether any of the proposals in the spending bill actually passed.